...absorbing ...serenity; in a dream in such morbidly harmonious consent with everything around a myriad of scenes from my past have flown before my eyes and it seemed it lasts forever voice monotony and a place of performance were like torn out of real,like a movie I watch alone and its end is also end of mine.

The seed had been earthed in the late 1994 by four flesh´n´blood entities Juraj H. as one of the voice Richard J. as one behind the drumwall and Stano M. with Mirik L. as six-strinx stranglers. After two years of place-to-place rehearsing, setting up our instruments and appropriate equipment the band released a primal killing spree diagnosed I n E x t r e m i s in August 1996 as demotape version recorded at semi-profi studio outside the town. The stuff includes six brutal compositions coloured with a great melodix and grind phases plus black-like cannon vocals with BLACK SABBATH´s Paranoid vomited, of course in pyo-vein. All the material is basso-profundo and is of low sound quality but despite of; twopenny-halfpenny promotion could be held successful.

A few live performances followed and fellas finally anchored in a permanent garage.In the meantime,some new songs for the second tape was prepared and recorded in December 1997 taking place at PRO-ART studio, Povazska Bystrica SK but the final outcome mixed in January 1998. Seven deadly songs impregnated by hypnotic melodix with capillaries of the sickest guitar riffs entitled mysteriously C a l i g o again in Latin. The entire feast has got the pro-mastering and three songs are already accompanied with the bass guitar. The titlesong is even strenghtened by an old Latin lyrics. Supporting activities increased,more live gigs played,real success in radio´s underground top-ten denoted circumstances have brought a permanent bass player Peter B. and the brandnew songs aren´t so late. Another halfdozen of bloodsoaked compositions with the next splendid experience in TWISTED SISTER´s We´re Not Gonna Take It. Recorded in professional EXPONENT Studio, Hlohovec, SK in October 1999. A gloomy ghost of the previous demotape in more technical,more detailed but a bit faster headquake this time called T y r a n n u s . Just after recording the frontman´s been replaced by Tomas S. (ex- HECATE).

Live gigs still unmistakably need to run bringing a new frontman in.The updated line-up incorporation is tested successfully through inland underground scene and combo drifts full steam ahead. In October 2001 the band equities expand by shaping the fourth non- pacifistic packet from MOONSET Studio,Sala SK. The new-forged descendant comes under title E c c l e s i a - P e c c a t u m. Striking six compositions plus ACCEPT´s I´m Rebel coversong. Consignable death metal riffs nutrition examined and subordinated within the arcane melodies contra acoustic guitar passages blended with growling vocal back. Dynamic intermezzos spinned the songs into a story. A story behind medieval animosities of ecclesia human satelessness evil period in the name of God!

"God is death, long live the freedom!"

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